Ultimately, you never work alone, you're always part of a team and work as a group, so how people view how I contributed to the teams I was part of is very important to me. Here are a couple of things people had to say about how we worked together.


Teodor Decu | Product Designer at Fitbit

Radu is by far the manager any designer would want to have. I have witnessed him tirelessly building a design team from the ground up by combining the right personalities and skillsets into a diverse high-performing unit having a sky-high chemistry. By constantly taking the pulse of the team, both at group and individual level, he makes sure everyone is motivated and proud of their work. He made an invaluable contribution to my career — helping me identify my weaknesses and turn them into strengths by coming up with clear action items and advice at every step. I am grateful to have had Radu as my manager and I would love to cross paths with him again in the future!


Dave Knight | Design Manager at Fitbit

Radu was a pleasure to work with at Fitbit. A capable visual designer, he has a great attention to detail across both iOS and Android platforms. In our work together, Radu always kept the user's needs at the center of the conversation. I'm excited to see how he continues to grow in leading with more product design thinking. In my time working with Radu, it was clear that he cares about the people he works with. Whenever he noticed something on the team that could be better, he was proactive in sharing his ideas for solutions for better collaboration.


Janice von Itter | Design Manager at Fitbit

Radu is a talented, flexible, hard-working designer. Despite being located halfway around the world from our main office, he is an excellent addition to our team at Fitbit. He’s been very interested in building on Fitbit’s design language and his work continues to inspire the team. Personally, he’s incredibly easy to work with, takes feedback well and has a good time collaborating with peers.


Magda Neagu | Marketing Manager at Adobe

One of the very few designers who can objectively explain why he picked that color :) Radu is exceptionally good at his job, being able to argument his choices with design trends, explanations about fonts evolution over time and what your design will convey about you and your product. It was definitely a pleasure working with him.


Lucian Maxim | Design Manager at Adobe

Radu is one of the most talented designers I've been working with. Radu's thinking when taking design decisions is always having the user in mind whether it's about visuals or interaction. He's open minded, eager to work on challenging products and his wide range of skills make Radu a valuable asset in any design/product team.


Cezara Bata | Account Manager at MB Dragan

Radu's creativity, initiative and enthusiasm has earned him our appreciation (us AM/PM's working with him). I can say that he is a great colleague, an inspiring and inspired designer and a talented photographer.


Andrei Gherghe | Project Manager at MB Dragan

Radu is one of the best designers I have worked with in my career. And it's not just about talent, he has a very good commercial understanding of the projects and the capacity of adapting his work to suite the client's interests with class. Also, he has a great bonus for a designer: he also understands code and is able to write it; thus, you can only expect premium web design results working with him. Much respect for him, both as a professional and a human being.


Mihai Stancu | Co-Founder at Design Forge

The most important thing i've picked up from Radu while working with him is how to break down activities. This helped us distribute the workload, organize and understand what needs to be done.

Most of our new projects to me sounded complex until we talked them over. His analytic approach helped us work together efficiently and even have time to add some bonuses for our clients.

His endless enthusiasm made it all look easy and learning from each other helped us grow professionally.


Mihai Velcescu | Co-Founder at Design Forge

Radu's creative input was always priceless and brainstorming with him on projects proved to generate a lot of value. His design skills match his creative mind and blend into unique solutions that met and surpassed our clients expectations.

I hope to work with him again and tackle the challenges set by our clients just like in the good old days.

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