Hello! I'm Radu Vucea, a recognized design leader, mentor, and community builder. Currently Product Design Director at ixperi.

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How I started

I was fixing computers during my freshman year in highschool when I first installed Microsoft Frontpage '95. I started off learning HTML and CSS but soon wanted to change visual aspects of the webpages I created. Those were the first steps in my design carreer and it happened in 2002.

How I learned

At heart I'm a self taught individual. It's the way it works for me. So I learned by reading, trying, failing and trying again, sometimes months in a row, until I achieved what I desired. And I constatly grow and learn the same way, through online courses, articles and good old try and fail.

What sets me apart

I began my career as a freelancer for five years, moved to an agency for almost two years, where I grew from Junior to Team Lead, then I moved to the corporate environment at Adobe. Four years later I made the switch to a local Romanian hardware start-up called Vector Watch, which eventually got aquired by Fitbit.

From working solo to working in a large company, I've done it all, and I've learned to adapt quickly to the environment based on needs and the way the team worked.

What drives me

I've discovered lately that helping people out is my main motivation. From the work I do at Fitbit as a manager to the work I do as a volunteer, I'm driven by helping people grow and become their best. It's very important for me that my work helps improve people's life.

What people say about me

Ultimately, what people have to say about how they worked with you is also crucial in getting to know somebody from another point of view. Here are a few things people that worked with me had to say about our collaboration.

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To get in touch, email me at hello@raduvucea.com or call me at +40 740 060 057.
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